One of my Spark Pages is currently being showcased on the Adobe Spark website

Scott Masterton, Photographer, Scotland.

4 August 2016
I was really pleased to find that one of my Photography Story Pages is currently being showcased on the front page of the Adobe Spark Pages website.
Click on the image to visit the Page.
Spark pages allow you to create visually appealing stories that combine photos, videos and text with fluid elegant motion. Bringing to life universally viewable eye-catching photo galleries, promotional materials, newsletters, presentations and other such communications, which can then be shared via social media or email.
“Create and share, anytime, anywhere”
Click on the image above to view the Page

Scott Masterton

Creative Photographer, Website Developer

Hunting light, using the ancient instincts of the hunt but without death as the final result, you reconnoitre, you plan, you watch, you wait, you take aim, you shoot… but instead of bringing death, you create… and make a moment of light, a moment in time… immortal.

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